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(*a preliminary review of soils and your site plan.)

Step One. Consider your ideal house plan or your ideal Lot Features and layout. Now try to merge the two into the Lot and house plan that brings the best of each together. If you need an architect, I can recommend David Holloway call him at 678.908.6654 ; He works either hourly or whole or partial project design consultation.

Step Two. Interview at last two builders that you like and will be comfortable with in dealing with the good and bad of New Construction. You will be working with this person for likely a year from design to completion to punch out!

Step Three. Make sure your bank (if they have a qualification process) that your builder meets and exceeds this criteria.

Step Four. Put your lot under Contract subject to being able to get the septic tank approval/permit your house requires.

​Step ​Five. Hire your builder to apply for a septic tank permit. This will likely start with a site prior visit then a level four soils test, and likely a grub permit then approval! If your builder is too busy to do this we may be able to assist for a small fee.

Now you can Close on your Lot/Construction Loan and begin the exciting custom home building business! Go to bookstores, new homes both under construction and just completed open houses and libraries to get some finish design ideas.